Welcome Oscar Daniel!

He’s here!

He has been for a while actually.  I just checked and Oscar Daniel has been here for a grand total of 175 days now.  Man, in some ways that time went by so quickly.  But in other ways it feels like he has always been around.


It’s now March and Oscar was born on Tuesday 27th September 2016.  He weighed 6lbs 13oz and arrived at 12:48pm, but if you want to read his full birth story, you can see that on my healthy living blog A Healthier Moo.  He ended up arriving via a planned Caesarean as he was still breech at 39 weeks.  Not the birth I had planned, but from talking to other new Mums, it seems no baby sticks to a birth plan! 😉

After some struggles in the early days with his weight (Oscar didn’t reach 7lbs for several weeks) he has been truly thriving these past few months and showing us his lovely little personality at every opportunity!

At nearly 6 months old now he sleeps through the night (usually), loves his swimming lessons, is very much in 3-6m clothing and his favourite things to do are currently sticking his tongue out and touching his toes.

He’s booked in to start nursery at the beginning of June when I return to work.  Currently I intend on returning to work for 7 weeks, – the final half term before the end of the academic year.  I’m struggling with letting someone look after Oscar from 7:30am-6:15pm five days a week for those seven weeks, and can’t imagine having to place him into childcare permanently during the working week.  With no family or friends in a similar situation living nearby though, it is the only option available to us.

I say that we are very fortunate to be able to get by on just my Husband’s salary, but we have worked hard to be in this position, having both lived well within our means for several years before deciding to start a family and first owning a large proportion of our house.  I would like us to be comfortable though, and intend on focusing some of my efforts on bringing in some extra income whilst I am at home taking care of Oscar.

Something else I would like to look into whilst I am not out at ‘work’ is adopting a more minimalist lifestyle.  I am a hoarder, – always have been.  But hoarding so many things that I might need one day costs time and money.  I can never find those things I’ve hoarded away so often end up re-purchasing.  Clearing away and cleaning so many extra items always takes so much longer as well.  It’s such a time-sapper.  Hoarding is one of my biggest flaws (inherited from my Dad I’m sure!) and Oscar growing up to also mimic my hoarding is not something I want to see!

I’ve rambled enough now.  So, to sum it up – I see this blog mainly focusing on my life with Oscar – experiencing the world as a first time Mum and trying to make ends meet with the extra costs a child brings.  Feel free to follow my journey!

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